Child, Teenage, Couples & Family Counseling In Alamo Heights, TX

We all have an inherent desire for growth, even though the path may be difficult; we want the best for ourselves, our children, our marriage and our career. At Brent Wheeler Therapy, I work with clients in the San Antonio area, TX to assist them with that growth. My goal is to help them learn skills to manage  emotional conflicts, stressors, etc. that inhibit them from prospering and being happy.

We accept Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, Signa, United Healthcare/Optum, Cenpatico, Medicaid, Military and Tricare, as well as most other insurances. Sliding scale available for cash paying customers. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Individual Counseling

Present-day issues may arise from unresolved and unhealthy childhood and/or family problems. Some of which can be resolved by having someone to listen, while others may require a sound advice. Extensive work with the military members and their families has helped me to understand their unique issues like deployment, re-integration, separation, chain-of-command, PTSD, etc. My individual counseling sessions help every client to apprehend the problem and vent out their hidden feelings.

Couples Counseling

Keeping a marriage healthy and happy requires time, effort and love. Lack of communication or misunderstandings may sometimes hamper the beauty of this relation and require intervention of a professional counselor. Through my couples counseling sessions in Alamo Heights, TX, I help the couples to recognize the differences and work jointly to resolve them. The safe and protected haven offered at Brent Wheeler Therapy helps couples to recover their lost faith in marriage.

Teenage Counseling

Direct communication of feelings, specifically to parents, is often an undeveloped skill in teens. When they experience uncomfortable emotions but are unable to express themselves, adolescents often will act out their feelings in unhealthy ways. Parents need tools and skills to manage behaviors and process feeling.  Sometimes parents need assistance and support to learn how to manage their own emotions.  I have treated many families in Alamo Heights and San Antonio, TX and I find a great deal of satisfaction in counseling children of all ages.