About Brent W. Wheeler


Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor

Psychological Associate

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Specializing In Teenage, Couples & Family Counseling In Alamo Heights, TX

Brent Wheeler is a School Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor based in Alamo Heights, TX, who specializes in treating children, adolescents as well as adults. He is currently expanding his practice in Austin and San Antonio.

Mr. Wheeler received his training and work experience in Child Counseling, Couples Counseling, Teenage Counseling as well as Family Counseling in Ft. Worth and Dallas Public Schools, the Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center, and several school districts in Wise County. While providing psychological services in these districts, he treated children and also consulted with principals, teachers, school counselors and parents in different capacities.

After completing over 120 hours of graduate work in psychology, Brent Wheeler completed a rigorous doctoral-level internship in School Psychology. This was in Lewisville ISD. His duties included intellectual, personality and emotional assessment as well as neuro-psychological assessment of children, teenagers and adults. This internship entailed consultation with teachers, parents and school administrators, crisis intervention and therapy with children. Responsibilities also included parent training and family therapy.

Coping skills and therapy are needed to assist in adjustment to life in a complex world.

Mr. Wheeler gained training-experience in working at Parkland Hospital – Psychiatric Emergency Unit in Dallas, the Irving Family/Youth Center, and Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation Department of Neuropsychology in Dallas. This latter setting – years before – had influenced him in determining the course of his professional endeavors. After almost two months at Baylor Hospital, he underwent treatment at Baylor Rehabilitation Center. This experience – resulting from a motor vehicle accident – fomented a desire to study neuropsychology and rehabilitation to help those who have suffered a head injury. It uniquely qualifies him to work with individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injury. Not only does he understand the pathophysiology of brain injury, he has suffered through the emotional and psychological consequences which impact the patient and the family. Once a patient with a closed head injury leaves a hospital or rehabilitation facility, long-term deficits and emotional factors endure. Coping skills and therapy are needed to assist in adjustment to life in a complex world.

Subsequent to practicing psychology in the schools, Brent Wheeler was Principal at two juvenile facilities — a home for runaways and a facility for adolescents with drug problems. He directed the implementation of school services (curriculum, special education, classroom structure) in both of these facilities. Responsibilities also included teacher training, teacher evaluation, record-maintenance, behavior management, and working with other administrators. Mr. Wheeler maintains licensure as a Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP), Psychological Associate (PA) inactive), and Professional Counselor (LPC).  He is a Certified Hypnotherapist (NBCCH) practicing child, couples and family counseling in Alamo Heights.

Recently, Mr. Wheeler has served clinical and non-clinical populations at a Behavioral Health Clinic, as well as his private office. As a school psychologist, he is also knowledgeable in conducting evaluations, leading ARD meetings and the overall ARD process, as well as providing crisis intervention to troubled students. As a clinical therapist within the same facility, Mr. Wheeler provided ongoing individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults. He uses these vast experiences in his Austin-based private practice.  Again, he is currently taking new clients and trying to build his practice in Central Austin.