What people say about Brent Wheeler

  • “I am a doctoral student that started going to Mr.Wheeler’s therapy to learn how to manage and cope with the stress of graduate school. I used to struggle with anxiety and overwhelming stress, especially when faced with examinations. He helped me to recognize my triggers and did a great job at teaching me how to change my way of thinking and helped me return to school and succeed mentally and emotionally in a very rigorous program.”

  • From the mother of a 12-year old female:

    “I want to thank Brent Wheeler for taking my daughter as a patient subsequent to an in-patient hospitalization. Mr. Wheeler has been a great counselor for my daughter, but also as parents. When it comes to therapy with a child, its important that the parents be guided on how to deal with whatever behavior problem your child is having. We are a military family and he understands our wants and needs. I give Brent Wheeler 5 *STARS*. WE have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time not just my daughter, but as a parent.”

  • From the father of an adolescent male having some problems managing moods and behavior:

    “Dear Brent, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the counseling that you have been providing for my son. Middle School can be a trying time for anyone. With your help it ahs really made a difference on how my son has been able to “navigate” his middle school experience… Thank you!”

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